What is “sociocracy”?

Sociocracy is…

1) the way we run our company, and how we help other people to run theirs.

2) a proven way of designing, governing, managing & operating organizations, with several decades of well-studied usage in various organizations.

3) a cybernetically sound, fractal structure that ensures that every member of the organization has a powerful voice in decisions that affect them while also retaining the effectiveness of a top-down management hierarchy.

4) an effective way to combine and implement a whole list of practices that often are implemented partially, poorly, and one-by-one: open book management, self-managing teams, organizational learning disciplines, quality circles, consensus decision-making, organizational democracy, profit-sharing, employee ownership…

5) defined by four principles: the Principle of Consent, the Principle of Circles, the Principle of Double-Linking, and the Principle of Consensual Elections.

6) the 21st Century future for co-operative business, triple-bottom line business, and social enterprise.

We’ll be saying more on this blog, and you can also find more at sociocracy.info

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