Transition emerges when we seek it

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Transition had a deeply transformative effect on my life. It has shaped and focussed my professional path since. It brought me into contact with the inspiration, community and tools that I was aching for. Since my local network became fractured and life has swept me onward, I have become immersed in exploring solutions to some of the questions that Transition posed for me. My special interest, among others, was the development of Transition enterprises and livelihoods.

A Transition friend liked to describe the inner Transition as a process of personal alchemy, and that when something is Transition it feels different. You know when it is Transition because you hit that ‘sweet spot’, and it just feels good and right, enriching and energising. I’ve sought that same sweet spot wherever the aroma has aroused my instincts.  I’ve lost regular contact with that family, my ‘sangha’ of peers, with many that I would love to still be in contact with. I have gained connection to other aligned peers; I meet others everywhere who are either aligned and pursuing similar questions or engaged in explicitly Transition projects. They nourish and give me hope, when my morale flags. Their stories abound, everywhere I look. It seems that the community is present whenever I have an intention to discover it. I say the magic words, and up it pops.

This evening I was at a Conscious Business get together, exploring with peers over a beer the barriers to the rapid large scale turning in business that we want to see, ways of dissolving that inertia, and of aligning our personal values with the collective values we grapple with in the workplace….

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