The DecisionLab team

Nate Whitestone

Nathaniel Whitestone

Nathaniel Whitestone has been designing and facilitating working, learning and residential communities since 1996. He developed his expertise in supporting personal transformation and creating high-quality relationships over three years of training with shamans in the American Southwest and another two years of apprenticeship with pioneering psychologists Drs C.G. and Kathlyn Hendricks. He has served as steering-committee member of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas and Merchants of Vision Editor of the World Business Academy. He currently practices the art of relationship with his wife and son in Uckfield, England, and serves others through his life-coaching, facilitation and consulting businesses Integrity Unlimited and DecisionLab, and through his varied work with IT4D nonprofit Aptivate.

Louis Loizou

Louis started working in the family business as a child and trained as a Specialist Speech and Drama Teacher. From a background in business, teaching, training, personal growth, leadership and facilitating groups he has walked a line between commerce and personal development in activities ranging from Sales and Management Training for Corporations to empowering private individuals, allowing the development of unique training programmes and styles. His voluntary activities have included leading three choirs, supporting community development in West Africa, local and national tenant action and community broadcasting. He is currently developing a new series of programmes for exploring the hidden potential of inner and outer spaces which will be called Dragonfly.

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson

With a background in Computer Science, International Development and a former Paragliding Instructor, Alan specialises in facilitating teams in the IT sector. In his day to day work Alan uses Participatory Action Research, the Agile methodologies, Open Space, BarCamps and Formal Consensus decision making. He and his partner are also the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.