Past Events

A selection of past events…

GROW! Organisational democracy
Tue 10 April 2012, Brighton
A great day of workshops on organisational democracy, sociocracy and the Great Transition. It started with a seminar with John Buck, author of the Sociocracy handbook We the People, then a talk by Sophie Ellis of the co-operative council, Lambeth Council, and went on to become an Open Space event created by the participants. It included workshops on consent decision-making, collaborative software and cohousing amongst other topics.

Sociocracy workshops
1-5 April 2011, Brighton and London
A series of inspiring workshops with John Buck, dynamic governance consultant and author of We the People

Open Space Co-Learning Workshop
28 January 2011, London
One day training, suitable for complete beginners and also for those with any level of experience to practice, develop and connect to the community.

Sociocracy Social
Get together with like minds
There was a Sociocracy Social on Thursday 4 November at Brixton Village, London. In conjunction with Transition Town Brixton. Fun was had and useful connections made.

Transition Camp
8 – 10 October 2010, Wapsbourne Farm, East Sussex
A weekend under the stars with campfire, stories, songs, sharing, workshops, foraging, sauna and lots more, for anyone interested or involved in the Transition Towns movement or who wants to find out more about practical local sustainability projects. The last one was great and DecisionLab are proud to once again be hosting a workshop on Making Better Decisions Together, and generally helping the event to be a success. Event website Connect in to the South East Transition Community

Permaculture Convergence
3rd – 5th September
Lambourne End Outdoor Centre, Essex
Julian from DecisionLab led a well-received one-hour introduction to formal consensus – a ‘people care’ workshop in this intensive weekend of permaculture workshops and networking.

The World’s 1st Facilitation Camp
20-21 August 2010 – at The Spring, Vauxhall
by DecisionLab and London Creative Labs in association with FutureInFocus, Aptivate and Reos Partners
Participants co-created the agenda each day, some great workshops and experiences. It left people feeling inspired and buzzing.

Open Space Co-Learning Workshop
3 July 2010, Brighton, East Sussex, England
This workshop was an experiential training on Open Space Technology (OST). Attendees ranged greatly in previous experience of the activities and topics covered, as well as intended uses for OST — including for-profit and community organising applications.
This workshop used Open Space to learn about Open Space Technology. It was a great success which everyone got something out of.

Growing Together – nurturing the co-operative community in Sussex
2 July 2010, Brighton, East Sussex, England
DLab helped host this Co-operatives Fornight celebration, bringing together co-ops and supporters from around the region. Special thanks to Co-operatives UK, as well as guests and speakers: Sion Whellens (Co-ops UK Board and Calverts Co-op), David Boyle (Supporters Direct), and Caroline Lucas MP and supporters: Co-operatives UK South East and The Co-operative Group’s South East Members. Click here for follow-up report August 2010.

Transition UK Conference
12-13 June, Seale Hayne, Devon, England
DecisionLab presented ‘Decision Making, Leadership and Organising By Consent’ as a workshop at this International Transition Towns Conference to promote fair and effective participatory working in groups and organisations working toward a more sustainable planet. Find out more at:

Introduction to Sociocracy
9 – 11 April 2010, Lewes, East Sussex, England
DecisionLab hosted this, the second ever sociocracy training in the UK, the first of which was also led by sociocratic management consultant John Buck – the first native English speaker certified by the Sociocratisch Centrum in Rotterdam, Nederlands.