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Open Space Technology is a format for organising compostable conferences, unconferences, meetings, or stakeholder engagement, with maximum efficiency and minimum time and resources. It is a form of ‘crowd sourcing’ which can be used to bring together a company or any group or organisation to focus on a specific problem or question; Open Space allows for participants to co-create experience, learning and solutions in a way that unlocks creativity. This will help anyone looking for a method for encouraging participation, engagement, equality and inclusion.

Open Space is used by large companies, local government, community activists, the BarCamp (CrisisCamp, FacilitationCamp, CityCamp etc) movement, and forward thinking organisations everywhere, from gatherings of 5 to several thousand people, from a couple of hours to several days. Open Space is a fundamental in the Transition Towns tool kit. It might be crucial to the future of politics and education.

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