Knee Deep in Transition, avoiding donut organisations, and building the New Economy

Martin’s latest guest article for the Transition Towns Network (see link further below):

Transforming the way we think and do

Transition is huge. No matter that it isn’t yet dispersed everywhere, or having greater impact, there’s no arguing that it has reached far and wide, in to the lives or consciousness of many. People are practising everywhere. And yet I’m often surprised that the depth of Transition, its immense wisdom, roots, influences and tools aren’t better appreciated or utilised among even those who have a lot of experience in doing it. I’m surprised there are still Transitioners who haven’t read the Handbook, at least once, let alone read Rob Hopkins’ MSc dissertation, which I’d highly recommend.Permaculture Flower

I’m surprised when Transitioners aren’t regularly doing visioning; I think a streamlined version could be built in as a 5 minute insert into the majority of Transition meetings as a habit. I’m surprised when I’m met with surprise that collaborative governance systems such as Sociocracy and Viable Systems Model, the psychology of behavioural change, scenario planning, oral history and much more have influenced the Transition movement right from the start. That the pattern language of Transition isn’t more embodied. That the Project Support Project isn’t at the core of all initiatives. Or when Transitioners neglect to design in fun and celebration. Or getting paid.

Transition goes deeper than telling everyone else what they need to do differently, and deeper even than creative solutions that demonstrate the future and replenish the present. It is also a personal journey, and that remains true whether we’re just starting out or think of ourselves as ‘experts’; the journey into Transition is a lifelong one….

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