GROW! Organisational Democracy

Do you work with a team that is creatively engaged in a shared vision and mission with clear aims?

Are you a part of the change from a world where a few determine the fate of the many to a workplace where every voice is heard, every person can make a unique contribution?

Or is your organisation challenged to hold together a dispersed management and a disengaged workforce?

GROW! Hands-on Seminar and UnConference

Tue 10 April 9.00am-5.30pm

The first half of the UnConference includes a workshop with world-class consultant and author John Buck, CEO of The Sociocratic Consulting Group, (English-language consulting division of the global Sociocratisch Centrum) and board-member of local affiliate DecisionLab.  You can expect in-depth practical learning in applying the principles of sociocratic organisational engineering to business, focused on the actual situations of the businesses in the room.

The second half of the day will be organised by attendees to meet your needs and inspiration.  John and DecisionLab will continue to offer practical support and workshops in areas of interest to participants, and other participants will be free to lead sessions focused on whatever they are passionate about or seems most relevant to them.

Join us for rich conversation, business-to-business networking, panel discussion with leaders in the field, with time & space for learning and launching new projects with your peers in the afternoon’s OpenSpace / BarCamp-style workshops.


9:00am – Tea & Coffee

9:30am – Welcome

10:00am – Hands-on consulting, led by John Buck

11:00am – Break

11:15am – Panel focused on lessons learned during the hands-on session

12:00pm – Lunch


1:30pm – OST (Open Space Technology) intro

2:00pm – OST session 1

3:00pm – OST session 2

4:00pm – OST session 3  5:00pm – Closing Circle

5:30pm – End


Social time at a local pub

GROW! is co-sponsored by Cooperatives UK, Employee Ownership Association, Conscious Business, SECS and Sociocracy UK, and is hosted by Decision Lab


We face a challenging economy and climate change, but at the same time powerful new collaborative ways of doing business, where every voice is heard and every person’s unique contribution is valued, are growing around the globe.  Are you part of the movement?

GROW yourself — learn with others; connect with the passion of successful peers who can help you expand.
GROW cooperation — share what works; get advice from people who have met your challenges and help other ethically inspiring businesses to grow.
GROW your business –– motivate others in sessions you design; make new contacts, launch new projects, make new deals.
GROW! will involve talks and break-out workshops on organisational democracy, sociocracy, the Great Transition, practical tools for people to make their organisations more resilient, engaging and creatively powerful. We have inspiring speakers and teachers who really walk their talk. We will make sure you have a chance to forge lasting collaborative relationships with colleagues and potential customers.  Best of all, it will be fun, and a chance to connect with a community of peers.

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