Facilitating Better Decisions

5-hour workshop to help you lead or contribute to decision-making in more depth

These classes are charged on a sliding scale, from £10 up to £75. We suggest that the fully employed pay £40 or more. If you can afford it, your funds will help us keep the door open to less wealthy community leaders; thank you in advance for your generous contribution. Dates of planned events are on our events page. Book here or contact us for more information or to discuss other dates and locations.

Participants in any of these workshops will learn how to facilitate groups using an integrated version of the two best systems of participatory decision-making, Formal Consensus and Sociocratic Consent. These are systems used organisations worldwide, including businesses, intentional communities and activist groups. They offer a quick way to get the best creative decision a group can invent. They do not require unanimous agreement, and turn conflict into a resource.

By the end of the day, participants will know the basic steps of the decision-making process, and have practiced using the method using real-life examples (including ones pertinent to you). We will also focus on developing four key facilitation skills — the Four Powers of Integrity — which are essential for leading groups in a way that frees the power and creativity of the people involved.