Introduction to Sociocracy

A weekend workshop with John Buck

10 – 11 April 2010 • Lewes

Do you want to lead an organisation into a 21st century model of excellence?

Interested in exploring how sociocracy can revolutionise the way you and your organisation work?

This weekend will be inspiring and transformative!

Sociocratic management consultant John Buck will guide a group of 25 leaders through the process of applying sociocracy to their organisations. Sociocracy is a method of organising and governing ourselves using the principle of consent. It produces more inclusive, sustainable and productive organisations.

John is the first native English speaker certified by the Sociocratisch Centrum in Rotterdam, Nederlands. He has conducted executive education in North America and Europe, and led the application of sociocracy to businesses large and small, community groups, charities and intentional communities.


Sociocratic practice today stems from a 150-year history of sociological theory and experimentation in various organisations. Sociocracy was developed into a practical management and governance system by Dutch industrialist and cybernetic systems designer Gerhard Endenburg.

For several decades now, sociocracy has proven to be extraordinarily effective in reducing average meeting length; achieving ISO-9000 ratings in record time at a fraction of the usual cost; and offering fulfilling involvement to each and every member of an organisation — ensuring their best, most creative efforts.

This will be a practical introduction, going beyond theory to address the specifics of your work.


Workshop times
9am to 5pm on Saturday 10 April, and
9am to 4pm on Sunday 11 April

Lewes Werks


The cost is £275 per person, and includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Earlybird cost before 20 Mar: £225

Discount offer
Groups of five or more from the same organization registering together get a £50-per-person discount, and a free follow-up support call with John Buck and DecisionLab founder Nathaniel White to help you implement the work you have done during the workshop.

About John Buck

John Buck is the co-author of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy, about a new socially responsible system of governance that is emerging from the Netherlands. John’s pioneering research on this circle-organization method, known as dynamic governance (or sociocracy), has gained him both a Master’s degree from George Washington University and the highest level of certification offered by the global body that regulates sociocratic practice. As head of GovernanceAlive LLC, John brought dynamic governance to North America. He has led dozens of projects for governments, communities and corporations, ranging in size from small teams to business units of hundreds of people. In addition to his writing and research, John assists government agencies and businesses with designing work and making group decisions effectively by “rewiring” basic power in the organization. He is also a member of the National Speakers Association.