Cohousing and Ecovillages

With over fifty years of combined experience with cohousing, intentional communities, ecovillages and co-operative housing, our team can help your community come together, grow, function smoothly, and move through rough patches with grace and creativity.

We offer:

  • A range of facilitation services — especially for sociocratic circle meetings, open space events, and other participatory decision-making and community-building processes.
  • Values-clarification and participatory-design facilitation, particularly focusing on the issues raised by Diana Christian in “Creating a Life Together”
  • Governance consulting, development of organisational structure, developing company Articles and registration of companies.
  • Sociocratic workflow engineering
  • Consulting on community finance and reducing potential for structural conflict
  • Training for facilitation, consent decision-making, sociocratic leadership
  • Trouble-shooting organisational difficulties specific to cohousing groups
  • Conflict resolution
  • PR for green- & community-building projects

Our team includes:

  • John Buck (co-author of We The People and experienced cohousing governance consultant,
  • Charlie Cattell (incorporation expert,
  • Diana Leafe Christian (community building expert and author of books such as Creating a Life Together and Finding Community,
  • Martin Grimshaw (expert facilitator, specialist in participatory environmental management and leading Transition Town projects)
  • Daren Howarth (green building and PR expert, co-author of The Groundhouse Book,
  • Julian Howell (graphic designer, trained facilitator, long experience working in co-operatives)
  • Louis Loizou (trained facilitator, long experience leading social housing groups, expert sales trainer)
  • Nathaniel Whitestone (expert facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant, long experience working with intentional community networks)

Cohousing groups, Ecovillages and Co-operatives for whom our team has provided training, consulting and facilitation include:

  • Brighton Cohousing
  • Champlain Valley Cohousing
  • Cranberry Commons Cohousing
  • EcoVillage of Loudon County
  • Enright Ridge Urban Eco-village
  • Heathcote
  • Home Ecovillage Project
  • Koinonia Partners
  • Pacific Gardens Cohousing
  • Roberts Creek Cohousing
  • Source Farm Ecovillage
  • Windsong Cohousing
  • Yarrow Ecovillage

Our team members have also worked with the Board of the Fellowship for Intentional Communities, delivered training to the Cohousing Association of the United States, and co-founded the Ecovillage Network of the Americas.

All DecisionLab facilitators and trainers have completed at least two years of training in advanced facilitation techniques and sociocratic organisational engineering and operate under the oversight of Certified Sociocratic Consultant John Buck.