About DecisionLab

DecisionLab holds a space for resolution: the moment when conflict and turmoil turn into creative power; the shared commitment to accomplish a challenging goal.

We envision a world where everyone knows how to collaborate in making good decisions, and where every community has facilitative leaders who evoke the fair and creative participation of their associates.

We offer facilitation, training, coaching & consultancy services to organisations and leaders with whom we share common visions of bettering the world. We help organisations to make clear decisions, develop healthy and sustainable working practices, build stronger relationships and guide them towards having a good sense of where they’re going.

Every creative process involves transformation, a moment of decision where the old certainties fall away. There’s always a space of the unknown that you must cross – the bigger your dream, the bigger the unknown.

We help teams cross that gap between old certainties and new possibilities. To cross, we need resolution: the ability to solve the creative challenges in front of you and the commitment to go there together.

We ensure that every voice is heard and that everyone develops the resolve to implement the solutions they help invent.

Our highly skilled team can guide you through this challenging and rewarding process of manifesting your potential.

Find out more about our services, and the principles and values that guide us.

Since January 2010, DecisionLab has been governed and operated along sociocratic and cooperative principles. In March 2010, DecisionLab incorporated as Sociocratic, Ecological and Economic Development Ltd, which is a registered member of Co-operatives UK.

Sociocratic, Ecological and Economic Development Ltd is company number 07209588 registered in England and Wales. Registered address 105 Stanmer Park Road, Brighton and Hove BN1 7JH