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Dear friends

So, for those who were able to make it to FacilitationCamp London, August 2010… how cool was that? We had some really positive feedback, so we know some of you agree. We also know we can do much better, and while it is too early for us to start planning too much, we hope that together we can make FacilitationCamp2 even more rocking.

A whole team of heroes came together at various moments along the journey to collaborate on the FacilitationCamp project. Most importantly we all co-created the adventure over the course of two days. Special thanks though goes out Andrea Gewessler, who put some sweat into compiling a great video slide show > Day 1 / Day 2 – complete with soundtrack, as well as making available all the fantastic pictures . Lloyd Davis also started off a Flickr tag ‘FacilitationCamp’ for everyone to add their own pics there. Nice. Andrea’s contact details and a note on using pics below.

What now? Most of the session outputs are posted up on http://barcamp.org/FacilitationCampWhatHappened . Please have a look, and help to tidy it up; in particular, please add missing email addresses and links if you hosted a session, or add to the descriptions so they might be more useful. Add your insights or suggestions as a comment under http://barcamp.org/FacilitationCampHowWasIt - these pages are in ‘Wiki’ format; you’ll need to log in. All offers to help manifest a FacilitationCamp community platform very welcome, so we can nurture the seedlings.

Please let us know about any blogs or related action and inspiration, or use the Twitter ‘hashtag’ #FacilitationCamp if you’re that way inclined. Susan Steed posted a neat little report about her experience on the New Economics Foundation blog (next to a great TED talk by Nic Marks, founder of the Centre for Well-being on the Great Transition, economics of well being & positive visions http://s.coop/2w1 ). Fingers crossed there’ll be a write up in the Iinternational Association of Facilitators’ Europe Newsletter for October [ADDED article published here Oct 2010]

We were particularly happy to see the start of a collaborative recipe book for facilitating change pop out of David Pinto’s Action Cycle, something that we had dreamed of a few months before… ahh, the beauty of Open Space and a roomful of creativity. With the
working title ‘What Works’, all are invited to contribute. We are all stretched for time, so it is intended to be a quick contribution by many; please take 15 mins to add a brief description of your favourite tool or experience of the social impact of a method > http://socialstartuplabs.com/wiki/What_works%3F (you’ll have to log in to edit, Wiki style) – contact Sue Bell suebell*AT*LIFEjourneys.co.uk / David Pinto happyseaurchin*AT*gmail.com if you have something to say about it. If everyone who came shared one small thing, we might have the beginning of something magical. The rest is up to you, don’t wait.

Finally, some people commented that they wanted to pay more than the ridiculously cheap entrance price, and some people slipped through our fingers, and although we had ‘donation’ tickets available, our ticketing was confusing. No pressure, but if anyone would like to throw a few pounds in the pot, it would be very gratefully welcomed, and will help us keep the wolves at bay, hopefully long enough for us to be able to pull off another FacilitationCamp. And earn you a rebirth as your favourite animal. If you liked what you saw, please click here > http://facilitationcamp.eventbrite.com/

Keep reading for cool events coming up

Very warm regards
and a dollop of good fortune on your endeavours

Martin Grimshaw, on behalf of London Creative Labs, DecisionLab and the friends, collaborators & volunteers who made it happen.
07891 571739
Twitter DLabCoop / LonCreativeLabs

  • http://LondonCreativelabs.com > See below for details of the next Social Startup Labs
  • http://DecisionLab.org.uk > click for coming workshop dates: ‘Making Better Decisions Together’, ‘Facilitating Better Decisions’, ‘Facilitative Leadership Programme’ and ‘Advanced Facilitation Programme’, and Sociocracy (Collaborative Governance) social meet ups
  • Andrea Gewessler Process / event photography – Andrea can be contacted at andrea*AT*ag-consulting.co.uk or on 0796 396 0194.  You are free to use the photographs for non-profit purposes but please accredit them to the photographer.  If you would like to use them for commercial use, please get in touch with Andrea directly.

What was it? http://barcamp.org/FacilitationCamp – PlaySpaceHQ http://barcamp.org/FacilitationCampParticipantsPlaySpace

Coming up
(please spread the word)

Social Startup Labs Wed 27 Oct London. Social Startup Labs is a process for creating new Social Businesses/Enterprises in order to meet local needs and provide work opportunities. Diverse participants (including the long-term unemployed from LCL’s Skills Camps) learn through doing, how the community can work together to create social businesses that provide or enable employment opportunities (including the disadvantaged), addressing systemic issues in the process and making their neighbourhoods better places to live, work and play!  From a carefully designed process, new Social Startups emerge at the end of the Labs that can potentially provide work opportunities for Skills Camps graduates, and others too.

Facilitative Leadership ProgrammeNext London date 15  October then 3rd Friday monthly. DecisionLab and London Creative Labs offer ongoing participation in a learning community for people who are leading their businesses and communities toward a better future. Includes training in group leadership and facilitation skills, the Four Powers of Integrity, and what fuels healthy teams and organisations, with a focus on the best practices of participatory decision-making and collaborative governance. For London based social enterprises, significant funding may be available to cover your cos, via the Train To Gain scheme, please enquire. Contact louis*AT*decisionlab.org.uk

Sat 25 Sep CrisisCamp LondonCrowd-sourcing support for disaster relief by linking (extra)ordinary people with a few hours on their hands with those on the front line, via an international open source wiki community, in the spirit of BarCamp.  – http://crisiscampldn.org/what-is-it/ Sign up here > http://crisiscampdaylondon.eventbrite.com/ – Alan Jackson and Aptivate, supporters of FacilitationCamp, also actively support CrisisCamp. Please spread the word.

Friday 1 October, 7-9pm Lambeth Town Hall Assembly Room London Creative Labs are facilitating an Open Space on the ‘Lambeth Cooperative Council’ > contact greenchampion*AT*lambeth.gov.ukif you are interested and/or just turn up on the night.

Mon 4 OctPartners in Facilitation are offering  ‘Facilitative Strategies For Leaders’, London and ‘Advanced Facilitation Techniques’, Edinburgh Thurs 7th – Fri 8th Oct with Ingrid Bens www.PartnersInFaciltation.org

Fri 8 – Sun 10 Oct – Transition Camp South East – Come and camp, learn, share with the Transition Towns community in the South East, in the glorious Sussex countryside, whether you are new to Transition or want to reconnect with fellow heroes http://there.is/transitioncamp/ – they are looking for more offers to run workshops, skillsharing and anything fun and Transitiony.

8 – 10 October CityCamp Londonhttp://wearefuturegov.com/2010/08/12/announcing-citycamp-london/

Tue 12 – Wed 13 OctDEADLINE MON 27TH SEP-  ICA:UK is hosting a 2-day foundation course ‘Group Facilitation Methods’, London. Martin Gilbraith, is co-organising and said “Hi, it was great to meet everyone on Friday afternoon at FacilitationCamp – sorry I couldn’t be there longer but I hope it went well for you all. It occurred to me to make a few scholarship places (generously discounted at £95) available to any Facilitation Camp folks that might like to attend – for details please see http://www.ica-uk.org.uk/gfm-group-facilitation-methods/ and bookings to be made online at http://www.ica-uk.org.uk/book-now/ quoting ‘Vauxhall Facilitation Camp’ as the promotional code.

30 Oct – 2 Nov The Bioneers movement comes to Findhorn, Scotland, for the 1st time in Europe:  http://www.Findhorn.org/Bioneers